Representative Tom Tiffany Celebrates Party Accomplishments at Reagan, Trump Dinner in Antigo

ANTIGO – Wisconsin representative Tom Tiffany celebrated accomplishments of the Republican party during the Lincoln, Reagan, Trump dinner in Antigo on Saturday, while also highlighting issues that are still causing concern among many republican voters. Those issues include the recent rise in inflation, trouble at our Southern border, and rising energy prices.

Representative Tiffany also spoke of the upcoming election, as he faces Democratic challenger Kyle Kilbourn. He acknowledged that while running unopposed may make for an easier campaign, competition is necessary.

Also in attendance was Wisconsin state senator Cory Tomczyk, who voiced both support and optimism for Tiffany’s November re-election bid. Tomczyk shared that he ” like(s) congressman Tiffany. He’s a good man. He knows the people of northern Wisconsin. I think he’s going to do just fine.”

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