Clock is “Ticking” Towards Spring and Summer And Unwanted Pests

With the onset of the much anticipated warm weather season, Wisconsin residents are also preparing for the reality that tick season is also upon us. With the help of the public, Representatives of the Marshfield Clinic Research Institute will be collecting and studying the small but potentially dangerous pests.

Researchers will be focusing on the distribution of tick species in the area, including any new, invasive ticks that may be moving into Wisconsin, and identifying the microbes carried by each tick and any disease-causing pathogens.

In order to build their ‘Tick Inventory’ they will be soliciting help from the public through tick submissions. While the first phase of this survey focuses on the Marshfield area, collection and study will expand to other areas of the state later this summer. Areas being surveyed will be supplied with collection kits placed at parks, hiking trails and veterinary clinics.

The kits will also come with an ID, which allows the person who submits the tick to look up the species and any other pertinent information.

MCRI associate research scientist Alexandr​a Linz states that ticks are moving into new areas in response to environmental changes.”This is an opportunity for Wisconsinites to act as citizen scientists and help us learn about ticks and their diseases, which can potentially help us better inform on disease prevention and early detection as well as develop improved diagnostic tools and treatments.”

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